Amazing Transformations


It’s simply breathtaking to see the Sequoia campus turn back into just an ordinary middle school and the Civic transformed into our home for the next week. As we set up our lights, risers, and dressing rooms, we stand where music and dance legends have once performed and where graduations, events, and ceremonies have been held. Very few people have the opportunity to see the venue before a show is loaded in, but it takes seeing a bare stage made into a full working “city” in order to realize just how much goes into making our set so functional and unique. The transformation of the cast is incredible as well. Add Stageteam vests, costumes, hair and makeup, and even the shyest of our kids light up and feel at home while performing! We love to see the evolution of the dances and choreography as they grow even closer to perfection, as well. One of the best parts, however, is seeing the soloists really come into their roles and owning the stage while performing.

This week is all about transformations: Put simply, we’ve managed to transform weeks of hard work into a beautiful, fun show! Finally, tons of preparation singing made for dynamic vocal recordings, hours of memorization and practicing of drama skits have evolved into interesting performances, and yards upon yards of fabric and sequins have been converted into gorgeous costumes. Add some stunning lights and crisp sound and you’ve got an awe-inspiring combination.

Next step: Add an audience!

Much appreciation to the staff and administration of Sequoia Middle School for hosting our camp this year! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our parent volunteers who helped throughout camp, during clean up, and load in. As always a big thanks to the welcoming staff of the Civic for all of their help. Last but not least we thank our great staff, board members, seamstresses, show volunteers, lighting designer, and our fantastic crew.


Video: Week 3 Rundown


Week three was all about finishing learning dance numbers, and perfecting the pieces we already knew. Since we know a ton in Stageteam and Bronze singing classes, we incorporated more competitions and games into our activities. It’s impressive to see how much the kids are improving in their dance classes as well as making progress in their arts and crafts classes!

This video features bits from Stageteam, combined Bronze Singing classes on Crazy Hair Day, Art class, Sport Court playing ultimate frisbee, Rock Band/Wii dance, Craft Creations, lunch break, Diamond Dance rehearsal, Dance Wizards, Dance Explorers B learning African, Dance Technique, and Ruby Dance rehearsal.

Video: Move Your Feet Dance Highlights


The annual Move Your Feet Dance-A-Thon was a great success this year! There were different dance style contests, endurance dance competition, an hourly sprit dance, and of course, lots of boogieing down! Every year the dance is great way to get to know other students better, cut loose after a week of camp, and is a positive activity for a Saturday evening. The turnout was great and all of our pledges made us exceed our financial goal! Thanks to everyone who came out to get down!

Video: 2012 Dance Audition Highlights


Saturday, May 19th was our dance audition day at First Baptist Church in Redding –– It was loads of fun! The kids all did such a great job and picked up their audition dances quickly. Most students were also fitted for costumes, picked up fundraising options, and reunited with friends they hadn’t seen since last year’s show. Enjoy these highlights captured from our day.

Music Credit: Monsters, Inc. by Randy Newman (from the Monsters, Inc. Soundtrack)

By the time their audition is over, most kids can agree that even if they’re super nervous going into auditions, the experience turns out to be a good time. The judges and teachers aim to make each kid try his or her best while keeping the atmosphere fun. Every single kid who comes to audition is placed on an appropriate dance team where they will learn their assigned show numbers.