2 Down, 4 To Go

Two weeks of camp feels like both a second and an eternity. When you think of all that these kids have accomplished for the show already, it’s unreal to imagine that they have been together for only 10 total days. The students have been great about falling into routine and meshing well with other kids in their classes, as well as learning all they need to know in order to put on our show in such a short time. In Stageteam alone, the students have learned most of their dance routines in the show. On dance teams, most have learned 2 or more complete dance numbers in the short time that they’ve been attending camp. Gold and Platinum are kept busy preparing for recording week by learning every single part to each song in our show. Select students are busy perfecting their acting skills as they prepare to perform in the drama skit segues that are featured in the show.

In fact, when looked at as a whole, it’s not only is it impressive that these awesome kids can learn 25–28 vocal numbers as an entire ensemble, learn their own dance team numbers and stageteam routines to nearly every single song, they do it in less than a few total hours a week.

Still not convinced? Here’s a crazy breakdown to consider: 
Our show camp meets 5 days a week for 6 total weeks
Week 6 is tech week at the Civic and includes the show –– all material is perfected
Week 5 is recording week when the true performance for the Gold and Platinum singing teams really occurs –– the previous 4 weeks’ work memorizing every part and note is put to the test. This is the week we also begin to put the skeleton of the show together, combining stageteam routines with dance team numbers and drama segues. Almost every routine is learned by this time.
Week 4 consists of polishing stageteam, finalizing dance team numbers, and selecting soloists via auditions during the weekend.
Week 3, 2, and 1 are all about following for our mission of developing dignity, character, and a sense of belonging by way of our enrichment classes and dance team rehearsals. These 3 weeks are when the performers learn the most!

Bring on week 3!


Video: Week 1 Snippets

What a busy week! This video includes lots of Stageteam, which is every student’s first class of the day. The video showcases a few dances we practiced on our opening day, Crazy Shirt Day, as well as Show Your Colors Day. The video also features a Bronze singing class, Gold/Platinum singing, Emerald dance, Garnet dance, Ruby dance, and Diamond Tap auditions. Also shown is the backbone of our showcase and camp: our Office Operations and our talented Costume Seamstresses!

…And it has begun!

It’s here; the first week has come and gone in a flash! Opening day of camp was full of spirit and smiles and ended up being Stageteam’s best opening day ever! This week was all about new friends, getting used to schedules and switching classes throughout the day, and of course, FUN! Some dance teams got down to business and ended up completing an entire dance number in their classes, and Stageteam mastered six whole songs––impressive stuff! Auditions for Platinum, our specialty singing group, and Diamond, our specialty dance group were held and teams were selected. We are all looking forward to their awesome pieces this year.

Meanwhile in Enrichment classes: students explored the world of break dancing in Hip Hop, learned about jazz combinations, created fancy gifts and t-shirts in Art, and learned how to project clearly and loudly in Drama. Some worked on perfecting their posture, turns, and leaps in Technique, others got a handle on rhythm in Rock Band, while kids got wild and crazy outside in both Water World and Sport Court.

While this week may have had a few hiccups, it ended up being successful with the help of our awesome staff and understanding kids. Any confusion students may have faced taught them to problem solve their way out of the situation to figure out what they should do or who they should ask for help. A day at camp, especially after the first day, is truly a sight to see as kids as young as 7 and 8 years old learn how to manage their time wisely, interact with others they’ve never met, and take direction. With the first week experience behind them, we look forward to seeing each student grow into stronger, more focused performers in the weeks to come. After all, the focus on the journey toward an end goal (in this case, the camp process preparing for our showcase) is what KU camp is all about.

Video: 2012 Dance Audition Highlights


Saturday, May 19th was our dance audition day at First Baptist Church in Redding –– It was loads of fun! The kids all did such a great job and picked up their audition dances quickly. Most students were also fitted for costumes, picked up fundraising options, and reunited with friends they hadn’t seen since last year’s show. Enjoy these highlights captured from our day.

Music Credit: Monsters, Inc. by Randy Newman (from the Monsters, Inc. Soundtrack)

By the time their audition is over, most kids can agree that even if they’re super nervous going into auditions, the experience turns out to be a good time. The judges and teachers aim to make each kid try his or her best while keeping the atmosphere fun. Every single kid who comes to audition is placed on an appropriate dance team where they will learn their assigned show numbers.

Welcome to our Blog!

We are so excited for our 25th year extravaganza! Camp is quickly approaching and the staff is pumped and ready to begin! Stay tuned every week to stay up do date with the happenings and events from each week during show camp.

This blog is a true behind the scenes look that you won’t get anywhere else!

What’s Show Camp All About?

THE CAMP is devoted to training kids between the ages of 7 and 18 in the artistry and performance of singing, dancing, acting and most everything pertaining to the arts. In late spring, as many as two hundred kids are evaluated and their skills assessed in the primary performance areas of singing and dancing. Eight dance teams and five singing teams are then formed from the many skill levels of the students. For the next six weeks, with the able instruction of a staff of highly trained, experienced professionals, the KU students participate in daily performance classes and workshops in singing, dancing and acting plus a wide variety of eleven exciting elective classes of their choosing.

This year we’re excited to offer:

  • Dance Technique (New!)
  • Sport Court (New!)
  • Craft Creations (New!)
  • Water World (New!)
  • Hip Hop (New!)
  • Jazz (New!)
  • Game Guru (New!)
  • Team KU (New!)
  • Dance Explorers
  • Tap
  • Dance Wizards
  • Rock Band
  • Choreography
  • Solo Workshop
  • Drama
  • Cheerleading
  • Memory Makers
  • Art

After camp is finished, six weeks of hard work is topped off by putting on a fabulous Broadway-Caliber show at the Redding Civic Center. A professional recording of their amazing singing is made for the show and professional lighting and sound is engaged to ensure a nearly flawless production. Voices, faces and feet are polished and perfected before the opening night’s curtain. Such intoxicating excitement is hard to describe to anyone who has not seen a KU show firsthand! The memories, the life lessons, the teamwork, the self-esteem and the confidence that each performer experiences this summer will not be forgotten.